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Events – those one-time experiences that produce a million pictures to live on social media forever. The pressure is on. It can be as elaborate as a black-tie gala or as cool as a concert, either way you just don’t want to deal with deciding what to wear. Everyone has been there. You usually reserve this chore for your friends, but now you can spare them the “what do I wear?” text. Whether it’s a fundraiser, cocktail party, gala, etc, I’ve got you covered.

This styling option is where it all started and is the most common thing people want help with. After helping so many with event prep there were a few common requests, so we designed the packages with those needs in mind.

Choose what level of help you need for your big event.


You have an idea of how you want to look at the event and are good at executing a vision. This option eliminates your shopping time, gives you two great outfit choices and then lets you handle it from there.
  • 2 Event Appropriate Options
  • Personalized Style File Delivered in 3 Days
  • Option To Build A Look Based On What You Own


This event is a big deal and you aren’t taking any chances. Hair and makeup inspiration plus in-person visits are included.* Must book at least 25 days from the event to allow time to fittings, etc.
  • 2 Event Appropriate Options
  • Personalized Style File Delivered in 3 Days
  • In-person Meeting To Decide Final Look

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We can help.

What's a Style File?

A Style File is our signature styling tool. Designed in a simple grid layout and sent straight to your inbox, your Style File will contain each recommended item with a direct link to the retailer or brand’s website where you can purchase the item. Some of our styling packages will receive additional mood boards and look sheets, but the Style File is the core of the process. No matter what service you choose, your Style Files will never expire and is always accessible.

Do I have to purchase everything that is suggested?

Not at all. You are not under any requirement to purchase any of the items I send you. One of my favorite things about our delivery is that it gives you control over what to purchase and when to spend your money. Events are time sensitive, so you might have more of an urgency to purchase items. I love that you can stalk items until they go on sale or even be inspired by what you’re sent and then shop for other versions on your own – completely up to you. (Obviously, be aware that items could sell out.)

When will I receive my Style File?

Each service has a designated time frame listed in the service description. Saturday and Sunday are not included in that time frame. If your order is placed after 5 p.m. (CST), then the time will begin the following business day. If you place your order on Saturday or Sunday, then the time will begin on Monday. Example: If a two day order is placed on Tuesday at 8 p.m. then the order will be processed on Wednesday morning and delivered on Friday.  If you are needing any order rushed you can make a note on your order form and I’ll follow up with an email.

How do I set a budget?

Within each package you are asked to set a budget. This budget does not include my fee. Based on your budget, I can then select price appropriate items and decide what pieces you should invest more in. The great part is you are not committing to spend your budget all at once. You decide what and when you want to make a purchase. All services have a minimum budget spend. Example: If you need travel items and select 10 items with a $2,000 budget then I know I can spend approximately $200/item. Some will cost more and some will cost less. It’s helpful for both us and you’re guaranteed to get items within your budget.

What happens if I don’t like something?

The services offered on are non-refundable. You are allowed to exchange one item per service package. If you order an item and discover one item will not work, then you can email me and I will email you a link to one replacement item. To be clear, it’s ONE item exchange per service regardless of the service package size.

Are you restricted to use certain retailers or do you have an agreement to promote any specific brands?

Absolutely not. I am completely independent and have no requirement to use any store or brand. I do try to stick to retailers and brands that have free shipping and easy return policies only because it makes your life easier.

Are you available for phone calls, FaceTime or personal visits?

Yes, I am available for personal styling services but those must be booked via email. They are completely separate from the services offered here. The events package does have an optional in-person/FaceTime add-on, so that’s a cool way to work in-person.

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