Like everything in life, the path to this point has not been linear.​

There have been a lot (a LOT) of twists and turns. After ten years in corporate marketing, I was in total burnout. I realized if I got another job I would still have the same unfulfilled feeling, I would just be sitting at a new desk in a different office building. I walked away from my secure job to figure out what was next.

A few weeks later I was asked to style for Soiree, a culture and lifestyle magazine in Little Rock. My degree is actually in journalism and my childhood dream was to work at a magazine, so I obviously jumped at this chance. I joined a team of very successful industry insiders and being on set immediately felt like home. Soon after people started asking for personal styling help, and now my days are filled with a mix of editorial selecting, personal styling and this thrilling venture in e-styling.

A Style File is your digital dossier for personal styling. This collection of fashion picks, looks, and mood is hand-selected to capture your unique vibe. No algorithms here.

E-styling By A Real Person

E-styling is nothing new, but creating a platform that eliminates the need for tons of email exchanges, closet tours and FaceTime calls is. The original idea sounded simple: how do you keep the human side of personal styling and adapt it to help people that don’t have the time, budget, or maybe even the desire for the one-on-one stuff?

I want to eliminate all the back and forth and give people quicker access to what they want. Let’s face it, if you have to spend thirty minutes answering questions then you could have spent that time looking for your own new outfit. My goal is to balance the need for information without the frustration of answering an endless list of questions.

I really enjoy helping people solve their fashion problems. I like shopping for others and get excited to scroll through all the “new arrivals” every night before bed. That part is natural for me, so I found it vital to constantly return to the question of how to provide value in addition to the services provided. For me, it was in the delivery. Not only did the process need to feel precise, but the delivery had to be flawless. That goal manifested into the Style File – the signature tool used to deliver your personally curated fashion picks.

Malina’s Fashion Memos

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